For over 25 years, World Relief Tri-Cities and many churches, volunteers, and organizations have been serving new refugees.

Refugees are people who have left their home country because of persecution or the fear of persecution. Many have suffered for their religious or political views or because of their ethnicity. Many have spent time living in refugee camps and struggling for the very basics to survive.

Every year, the U.S. Government decides how many refugees will be allowed to enter the United States. Although there are estimates of 10 to 15 million refugees in the world, only about 70,000 will be allowed to start new lives in the U.S. this year. Of these, the World Relief Tri-Cities office will welcome about 150 people including children.  We have also helped refugees from the Former Soviet Union, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Colombia, Former Yugoslavia, Burma, Cuba, Somalia, Iran and additional countries.

Over the years, refugees we have resettled have become a vibrant part of our community.  Although they arrive with just a couple of bags, they work hard and build a better life.  They usually start working quickly and balance the demands of working and learning English. Over time, their hard work pays off.  They start businesses and buy homes helping support the community that welcomed them.

We welcome you to explore our site and learn how you can be involved in our our programs serving refugees and other immigrants here in the Tri-Cities.